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Mini-Rucksack Kico Blue Sapphire

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It's not just big kids and adults who go on adventures. So do the small children. For day... mehr
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It's not just big kids and adults who go on adventures. So do the small children. For day trips and holidays, the backpack is a practical and fun bag for the little ones as it has good support with padded back and shoulder straps as well as a unique design. The bag is available in two different variants, both represent a small monster with both arms and legs. Reflective details are also fitted so that your child is visible in the dark. The bag itself has a detailed and fun design that will bring a smile to most people. In addition, chest straps are also fitted which increase comfort and protect your child's body as they ensure that the bag fits closer to the body. The backpack opens with a zip at the top, and inside the bag is a smaller compartment for an iPad. On the side of the bag, there are two pockets that can be used for storing beverages or a small snack.

100% Polyester

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